Custom Fishing and Ice Fishing Jigs

Are you looking for the best custom ice fishing jigs? Or maybe you need jigs that work well for open water fishing? At Joanie Jiggs, we make some of the very best custom ice fishing jigs available anywhere. Each custom jig is hand crafted, producing the highest quality ice fishing jigs and open water baits possible. Our jigs stand their ground in the largely competitive fishing tackle industry -- because of the very unique, highly visible, plastic jig body component that is attached to each jig. It is a proven fact that fish are attracted to a variety of colors, depending on the light and water conditions. For this reason, we carry a large selection of custom jig colors, including in florescent colors, two-tones, and the very popular 'Glow in the Dark™' jigs. These jigs aren't limited to ice fishing, either. Many of our customers find these jigs to be the nest panfish lures for summer fishing, too. If you need high quality custom crappie jigs, bluegill jigs, walleye jigs, perch jigs, trout jigs, or bass jigs, our hand crafted custom jig solutions are only a few clicks away!