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#10 Rat Finky Jig

These horizontal jig has been a very popular ice fishing jig for many years. It's wide variety of sizes and colors gives the fish a huge menu to pick from. They are excellent crappie fishing jigs for ice fishing and they make excellent bluegill ice jigs.

Color Price Buy
Thumbnail Yellow $1.15  
Thumbnail Chartreuse $1.15  
Thumbnail Orange $1.15  
Thumbnail Green $1.15  
Thumbnail Pink $1.15  
Thumbnail Black $1.15  
Thumbnail Purple $1.15  
Thumbnail Red $1.15  
Thumbnail Blue $1.15  
Thumbnail Pink-White $1.15  
Thumbnail Pink-Black $1.15  
Thumbnail Chartreuse-Black $1.15  
Thumbnail Orange-Black $1.15  
Thumbnail Red-Black $1.15  
Thumbnail Red-Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail Chartreuse-Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail Orange-Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail Green-Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail Pink-Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail Black-Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail Purple-Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail Yellow-Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail Blue-Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail Glow-Glow $1.15  
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