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3/16 oz. Little Rascal Jig

This jig was designed to express a slow dropping action, with added flutter from the marabou tail to entices bait strikes from many species of fish. The 3/16 oz jig can be the best bass jig in your tackle box. They are great for attracting fish in many different water conditions and are very effective!

Color Price Buy
Thumbnail Chartreuse-Glow-Orange-Chartreuse $1.35  
Thumbnail Orange-Glow-Orange-Orange $1.35  
Thumbnail Pink-Glow-Pink-White $1.35  
Thumbnail Glow-Glow-Chartreuse-Chartreuse $1.35  
Thumbnail Chartreuse $1.35  
Thumbnail Orange $1.35  
Thumbnail Pink $1.35  
Thumbnail Black $1.35  
Thumbnail Purple $1.35  
Thumbnail Pink/White $1.35  
Thumbnail Purple-Glow-Purple-Purple $1.35  
Thumbnail Black-Glow-Black-Black $1.35  
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