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#4 Rembrant Jig

This lure arises from a shiny nickel plated willow leaf blade. The flashy blade and steady but gradual dropping action, make it one of the most effective open water and ice fishing lures for panfish.

Color Price Buy
Thumbnail Yellow $1.25  
Thumbnail Chartreuse $1.25  
Thumbnail Orange $1.25  
Thumbnail Green $1.25  
Thumbnail Brown $1.25  
Thumbnail Pink $1.25  
Thumbnail Red $1.25  
Thumbnail Black $1.25  
Thumbnail Purple $1.25  
Thumbnail Blue $1.25  
Thumbnail White $1.25  
Thumbnail Glow $1.25  
Thumbnail White-Red $1.25  
Thumbnail White-Purple $1.25  
Thumbnail White-Pink $1.25  
Thumbnail White-Green $1.25  
Thumbnail White-Orange $1.25  
Thumbnail Chartreuse-Orange $1.25  
Thumbnail Chartreuse-Green $1.25  
Thumbnail Yellow-Orange $1.25  
Thumbnail Glow-Red $1.25  
Thumbnail Glow-Purple $1.25  
Thumbnail Glow-Pink $1.25  
Thumbnail Glow-Green $1.25  
Thumbnail Glow-Orange $1.25  
Thumbnail Glow-Chartreuse $1.25  
Thumbnail Glow-Black $1.25  
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This jig is made with a soft plastic body and a shiny nickel plated willow leaf blade. The flash from the blade, plus the slow gradual dropping action, makes it a very effective ice fishing jig. Our Rembrant jig line includes quality ice fishing glow jigs.