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#6 Rat Finky Jig

A popular horizontal jig, this lure is great for open water fishing or ice fishing nearly any type of water. The wide variety of sizes and colors gives fisherman many desirable options to choose from. They are great for crappie jig fishing. Choose from these options to find the best jig for crappie, bluegills, perch, and other panfish.

Color Price Buy
Thumbnail Yellow $1.35  
Thumbnail Chartreuse $1.35  
Thumbnail Orange $1.35  
Thumbnail Green $1.35  
Thumbnail Pink $1.35  
Thumbnail Black $1.35  
Thumbnail Purple $1.35  
Thumbnail Red $1.35  
Thumbnail Blue $1.35  
Thumbnail Pink-White $1.35  
Thumbnail Pink-Black $1.35  
Thumbnail Chartreuse-Black $1.35  
Thumbnail Orange-Black $1.35  
Thumbnail Red-Black $1.35  
Thumbnail Red-Glow $1.35  
Thumbnail Chartreuse-Glow $1.35  
Thumbnail Orange-Glow $1.35  
Thumbnail Green-Glow $1.35  
Thumbnail Pink-Glow $1.35  
Thumbnail Black-Glow $1.35  
Thumbnail Purple-Glow $1.35  
Thumbnail Yellow-Glow $1.35  
Thumbnail Blue-Glow $1.35  
Thumbnail Glow-Glow $1.35  
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