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#8 Purist Jig

This soft bodied lure may be fished with or without live bait. A perfect size and shape for bluegills, this jig is one of the favorite bluegill lures of many fishermen. Panfish and many active fish species will respond to this lure. This jig will produce the results you seek - you just need to put it to work!

Color Price Buy
Thumbnail Yellow $1.15  
Thumbnail Chartreuse $1.15  
Thumbnail Orange $1.15  
Thumbnail Green $1.15  
Thumbnail Pink $1.15  
Thumbnail Red $1.15  
Thumbnail Black $1.15  
Thumbnail Purple $1.15  
Thumbnail Blue $1.15  
Thumbnail White (Pink Head) $1.15  
Thumbnail Glow $1.15  
Thumbnail White-Red $1.15  
Thumbnail White-Purple $1.15  
Thumbnail White-Pink $1.15  
Thumbnail White-Green $1.15  
Thumbnail White-Orange $1.15  
Thumbnail Chartreuse-Orange $1.15  
Thumbnail Chartreuse-Green $1.15  
Thumbnail Yellow-Orange $1.15  
Thumbnail Glow-Red $1.15  
Thumbnail Glow-Purple $1.15  
Thumbnail Glow-Pink $1.15  
Thumbnail Glow-Green $1.15  
Thumbnail Glow-Orange $1.15  
Thumbnail Glow-Chartreuse $1.15  
Thumbnail Glow-Black $1.15  
Thumbnail Black-White $1.15  
Thumbnail Purple-White $1.15  
Thumbnail Brown-White $1.15  
Thumbnail Brown $1.15  
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