About Us

Joanie Jiggs is an online fishing tackle retailer. We sell top quality tackle supplies for fishing. The fishing tackle is all manufactured by our fishing tackle manufacturing business. We thought we would provide you with a little fishing tackle manufacturing and retailing history here at Joanie Jiggs.

Our fishing tackle manufacturing company was established in 1975 by former owner, Joanie Schmit. Joanie's intent in starting the business was to generate supplemental income and be home with her children.

She arrived at starting the business when a friend of her husband was selling his tackle manufacturing business. Since the capital investment was too much at the time, she started buying a few components and tools to slowly start on her own. In 1982 her son Mark came aboard to help in her fishing tackle business venture.

Just as in many small businesses, Joanie's product was produced in her basement and due to increase demand of her lures, was soon moved into a larger building. In 1994 Joanie passed away, but her business now markets their fishing tackle online and it remains in the family today.