Jig FAQs

When does the "Rat Finky Jig" perform the best?

This is a lure that performs best with live bait whether it is a small worm, a small piece of night crawler or some type of larvae. Drop the lure 6 to 8 inches, stop, and with a medium speed make three inch bounces with the end of your rod tip -- stop, then repeat the process. In most cases the fish will attack the lure on the way down or when it is sitting still. Remember to always fish the entire depth of the water -- at least until you find the depth that the fish are at.

Your live bait can be placed on the hook in many different formations. In most cases hooking them on the very end works well. If using a wax worm, you might want to try hooking it in the middle of the body so it looks like a "T" at the end of the lure.

Whats the best way to fish the "Purist Jig"?

Drop the lure 6 inches, stop, and make rapid 3 inch bounces with the end of your rod tip. After you go through this action for 20 seconds or so -- leave it sit for a few seconds then drop the lure 6 inches and repeat the process. When ice fishing it is best to fish without a bobber.

When you see your line go to the side of the hole, set the hook. When fishing open water, watch for your line to make a short fast movement or if you feel a small tap, set the hook. (example: Hold your rod in one hand and have somebody tap the end of it with a pen or pencil, this is what it feels like. )

Many anglers fish without live bait, but if you choose to, hook a wax worm or other larvae on the very tip of their body. When the fish seem very uninterested drop the lure 6 inches as explained earlier -- only this time barely move the rod tip and with a very slow action.

To get the best performance out of this lure, we recommend using EASY CLIPS.

How would you recommend fishing with the "Rembrant Jig".

Drop this lure in 2 to 3 inch intervals making a rocking type action. After a half dozen intervals -- stop, then bounce your rod tip with a slow to medium action. Stop and repeat from the beginning. This lure is the best crappie bait and best bluegill bait when fishing pan fish in 1 to 5 feet of water.

To get the best performance out of this lure, we recommend using EASY CLIPS.

Where does the "Little Rascal Jig" work the best?

For suspended fish such as crappies, bluegill, perch, smallmouth bass, etc. -- the smaller 6 or 10 Little Rascal make the best bait when jigging straight up and down -- whether it is off the side of a boat, next to a dock, off shore or through the ice. We recommend at first to try the lure without live bait and if the fish are finicky that day use a small piece of night crawler, worm, larvae (such as a waxie) or small minnow. Drop the lure 6 - 12 inches at a time, bounce the rod the same way as you would tap a pencil on a desk and let it sit for a few seconds. Continue this action until you have a fish or are on the bottom. For the bottom feeders, such as walleyes or sauger, use a 3/16 oz or 5/16 oz. Drop the lure to the bottom and jig it off the bottom plain.