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ice fishing

I was struggling to catch fish one day but seen big crappies being caught on purist and rembrant jigs ONLY. Luckily I had 2 old purist jigs with me! The second I tied it on I had a big 11.5inch crappie. Ended up losing both jigs to my transducer cable on big fish that night so I bought 50 more the next day! Thanks!

Travis Irish


I caught two legal bass while using my pink/white little rascals jigging for crappies. As you can see, I didn't have any problems catching crappies either! Quality fishing jigs, great value, and great tasting panfish!

Bill Katula

Little Rascals really work, a tasty meal and a really memorable day. I'll be ordering more soon. Thank you Joanie Jiggs.

Dennis Cossman

I caught all these fish on #10 purists! I use no bait. These are the #1 lure I use and catch hundreds of fish! These jigs work anywhere I've used them. Don't go without them!

Bob Bellmer


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