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ice fishing

I’ve been using Rembrandt jigs for over 25 years,and has always out fished live bait and other artificial lures that I’ve used through out the years. Once you understand how to use these jigs you’ll have a hard time going back to live bait.

Chris Theis


ice fishing

Hands Down every jig you make is a fish slayer .. I personally feel lost if I go ice fishing without a Rat Finky, they are my go to for everything through the ice. Caught 17 fish that day but obviously this was my biggest .. This Cutthroat Trout was caught on glow green finky. Fish measured 26" long 14.5 pound.

Strawberry Resivour , Utah / January 2021


ice fishing

I was struggling to catch fish one day but seen big crappies being caught on purist and rembrant jigs ONLY. Luckily I had 2 old purist jigs with me! The second I tied it on I had a big 11.5inch crappie. Ended up losing both jigs to my transducer cable on big fish that night so I bought 50 more the next day! Thanks!

Travis Irish


I caught two legal bass while using my pink/white little rascals jigging for crappies. As you can see, I didn't have any problems catching crappies either! Quality fishing jigs, great value, and great tasting panfish!

Bill Katula

Little Rascals really work, a tasty meal and a really memorable day. I'll be ordering more soon. Thank you Joanie Jiggs.

Dennis Cossman

I caught all these fish on #10 purists! I use no bait. These are the #1 lure I use and catch hundreds of fish! These jigs work anywhere I've used them. Don't go without them!

Bob Bellmer


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